What’s the deal with vegan skincare?

So what is Vegan Skincare and how can skincare be Vegan since it’s all oil based right? Wrong! there are naturally occurring fats and organic water-based skincare products which are Vegan. This post is not about the oil vs water-based product debate, so I will keep that to a minimum, instead it is focusing on the kinds of vegan skincare that is out there.

So, let’s get started into differentiating the different kinds of vegan skincare.

Can You Explain What Cruelty-Free Vegan Skincare Is?

Yes, sure can!

Cruelty-free refers to the treatment of living things in connection with the collection and testing of the ingredients and the final product on living things. Which means that none of the ingredients for cruelty-free vegan skincare should be tested on living things, come from living things or their habitat.

So, cruelty-free literally means a Vegan skincare product that has not caused harm to living things or resulted in the cruel treatment of living things.

Anddd, What Is Organic Vegan Skincare, Again?

The word organic means a chemical which has not been synthesized or modified through unnatural means (like chemists in a lab converting inactive substances into active through harsh processes).

In other words, taking an natural substances and enhancing it with unnatural substances. So an organic Vegan skincare product has been produced or derived through natural methods, from non-living things and their habitats. Like olive oil or avocado oil.

Thanks For That, But What Is Vegan Skincare?

A vegan skincare product is a product that does not have ingredients from or derived from living things or their habitat. That means no honey or beeswax and no palm oil.

This is because honey and beeswax is forcibly farmed from bees. Commercial farming of bees is destructive to the environment since bees are an essential part of the pollination cycle. No bees means no food, for anyone.

Good, Now Tell Me About Ethically Sourced Vegan Skincare!

For a vegan skincare product to be considered ethically sourced, it’s ingredients must come from an ethically supplier which does not causer harm to the environment, living things and supports it’s workers fairly. The best way to explain what ethically sourced ingredients for a vegan skincare are is to explain what they are not:

  • Ethically sourced vegan skincare products are not sourced from areas where mass land clearing causes harm to the environment or living things
  • Ethically sourced vegan skincare products are not tested on living things.
  • The sourcing of the ethical ingredients for the skincare products is sustainable.

Final thoughts on vegan skincare products

Vegan skincare products are beneficial for your health and good for the environment but many manufacturers have their own, convenient interpretation on what vegan, ethically sourced and organic means. Always, check the label.

Many people do not understand why vegan skincare products exist and why they are beneficial for the environment. Before purchasing a vegan skincare product, check the label to see who is certifying that the product is organic, vegan, ethically sources and cruelty-free. If no one else is saying it is, than it might be time to change brands, lol.