How To Find A Vegan Moisturizer For Your Skin

According to this Harvard post, moisturizer does not have to be expensive to work on your skin. In fact, just about any moisturizer with fewer ingredients can be effective in reducing blemishes, reducing acne and improving the quality of your skin. You can find a vegan moisturizer for your skin online or in store.

How To Look Younger | How To Find A Moisturizer For Your Skin?

What Causes Dry Skin?

With anything related to your body, dry skin can be genetic. Your face produces it’s own oils known as sebum. Some people make more sebum than others, the same is true for the opposite. Many people may not produce enough sebum which is often the reason why people have dry skin, blemishes and acne.

Sebum is meant to retain water in your skin, so you can see why having dry skin can be a serious risk, especially if you spend a lot of time in the sun.

The issue of dry skin is further exacerbated by hot air, hot showers, pollutants in the air, A/C in your car and not washing your face often enough.

How To Choose A Vegan Day Moisturizer

Your moisturizer should include SPF to protect your skin cells from damage due to sun exposure. Sunscreen protects your skin from UVA & UVB damage which causes premature aging. This kind of aging can be avoided by using sunscreen. So why not get a moisturizer which comes with sunscreen?

Your moisturizer should come with a combination of nourishing ingredients and a saturated fatty acid base. If you find a moisturizer with a non-oil base or with few complex ingredients then give it a go.

How To Find A Vegan Moisturizer For You Face
How To Find A Vegan Moisturizer For You Face

For Oily Skin

If you are choosing a day moisturizer for oily skin, then choose a product that is not oil based such as:

These vegan moisturizers are suitable for oily skin types and would not be recommended for dry skin types.

For Dry Skin

Getting a moisturizer for dry skin is not tricky at all. There are many vegan moisturizers that you can use during that day that carry SPF such has:

What kind of ingredients should you avoid when choosing a vegan moisturizer?

  • Petroleum derivatives
  • Silicone and other plastics
  • Sulfates (Potassium and Magnesium)
  • Alcohol
  • Unnatural fragrances
  • Glycerin which is derived from vegetables
  • Multiple oil ingredients
  • Processed Lactose, Fructose and Sucrose