Easy Vegan Skincare Routine For Busy People

Most working professionals and busy people do not have the time to dedicate 30 minutes to an hour every day to their skincare. This is not a shock either because most people are unable to live the lifestyles of beauty influencers on social media. In this article I discuss a very easy skincare routine for busy people. I will walk you this skincare routine each step of the way.

This six-step routine will be over before you know it. It will not take that long since the routine has steps to be covered in the morning and in the evening. It will take less than 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. Also, read how to find a vegan moisturizer.

This skincare routine although simple, will be effective if done consistently over time. Healthy, beautiful youthful skin is not made in a day. It is something that must be done over time.

Easy Skincare Routine For Professionals
Easy Vegan Skincare Routine For Professionals

Step 1: A Morning Facial Cleanse

When you wake up, before your breakfast and morning coffee or kratom, you should wash your face with a vegan facial cleanser. This will clean your pores and give your skin time to breathe before having breakfast. When you cleanse your face you should always wash with warm water.

When washing your face it is important that you take your time, massaging your face and those problem areas prone to acne without rushing. If you learn to enjoy it you will find that your skin will glow and begin to show your efforts.

Step 2: The Morning Toner

Applying toner on your skin after it has dried, will allow you to target blemishes, uneven redness and swelling on your skin without missing anything due to moist skin straight after cleansing. A toner will even out your skin tone and allow you to face the day with confidence without having to worry about unnecessary inflammation on your skin

Most vegan toners will compliment your existing makeup routine and moisturizing regimen. When choosing a toner, you should pick one which compliments your moisturizer rather than your skin-type because it is possible to overload your skin with product which can be overwhelming and make your face feel heavy.

Step 3: Applying Moisturizer

Sun exposure is responsible for 60% of damage to skin cells. Damage to skin from sun exposure is also considered to be the most preventable form of damage associated with early-aging. By using a moisturizer with SPF, you can nourish your skin whilst protecting it.

By moisturizing in the morning with a product that contains SPF protection you can go about your day with the confidence that your skin is protected from preventable damage to your skin ells that cause preventable aging. By using a moisturizer every day on your skin, you will notice the quality, clearness and overall aesthetic of your skin will improve over time.

Step 4: The evening cleanse

After a long day, it has probably been 14 hours since you washed your face. All of that dirt, pollution, dust and impurities have settled onto your skin, on top of your moisturizer and make up if you applied it. By washing your face for the second time in the evening you can remove those products and grim and give your skin room to breathe again.

Remember to wash your face gently, taking your time and applying warm water with your cleanser. Try to enjoy this process because your want to be thorough and gentle when washing your face, to get the most dirt, grime and impurities out of your pores.

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Step 5: Apply An Evening Serum

Serums are concentrated formulations of nourishing ingredients designed to give your skin a quick boost, similar to the morning energy boost your get by taking B12 before bed. A vegan serum product will overall, be more beneficial than a facial moisturizer. These serums are designed to be rapidly absorbed into the skin and activate within a short period of time.

According to this Harvard Study, facial skin serums can contain high concentrations of Vitamin C, Q 10, retinoid and Niacin derivatives. This means that whilst serums can be very beneficial to your skin there is also potential for serious skin irritation due to the high concentration of nourishing ingredients.

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Step 6: Night – Moisturiser

For an evening moisturizer you can opt for Vitamin E or a hemp based moisturizer. These products will provide the nourishment that your skin needs without overloading your pores overnight.

When applying moisturizer to your face, make sure you spread an even amount of product on your face. Spread this gently and massage into your face in a circular motion.