Is Vegan Makeup Better For Your Skin?

According to Vogue Magazine Australia, makeup products without animal derived ingredients are better for you. Now, it’s important to note that whilst your skin will only absorb up to 60% of product, all skincare experts agree that what you are putting on your face, is the same as putting something in your mouth.

This is because it all gets into your bloodstream, connected to the same organs, regardless whether you ate something or applied non-vegan makeup on your face.

Why Vegan Makeup Is Better For Your Skin

We know Vegan Makeup is better for your skin because the membranes in your pores are not storing complicated, inactive or synthetic ingredients. Vegan Makeup is easier for your body to breakdown this is because the ingredients which are being used are active rather than inactive. Inactive chemicals tend to be filtered into urine at slower rates then active chemicals.

How Do We Know That Vegan Makeup Is Better For Your Skin?

Plant derived ingredients contain more essential elements, vitamins and trace minerals than animal derived ingredients. Plant based makeup also has more antioxidants which is fantastic for anti-aging.

Vegan makeup contain less harmful fragrances, parabens and plastics which are difficult for your skin to absorb and block your pores.

Who says Vegan Makeup is better for your skin than non-vegan makeup?

As the makeup industry is largely unregulated the FDA is unable to evaluate statements that vegan makeup products are healthier for your skin then non-vegan makeup. Regardless, industry professionals are aware that products with natural ingredients are easier tolerated by the body and your skin.