How To Apply Vegan Makeup [Guide]

In this makeup guide, I am going to give you some methods and techniques that i used to get started. Don’t be intimidated, get excited instead because this guide is going to show you the ropes. When starting out, it can be really confusing because there are so many vegan makeup products on the market.

This guide will help you understand what you need vs what the brands are telling you what you need. We will also go through basic tips that the pros use to keep track of all of their makeup.

You may find this guide helpful if you are experimenting with makeup, trying new looks for the gram and or even wanting to learn a new look for that special occasion. This guide has you covered. If you like what you are reading then consider sharing this post, it would help us out a lot!

7 Vegan Beauty Principles To Remember

  1. Hygiene: Never touch your face but if you absolutely have to then you must wash your hands thoroughly, under warm water for 30 seconds after lathering with a gentle soap for 20 seconds. Don’t forget to scrub your nails, you can use a nail brush if you need to clean up those nails. Dry your hands with a clean cloth.
  2. Cleanse, rinse, and Moisturize: Avoid using a harsh face wash. It is always better to use a cleanser in the shower than to dry your face out with a harsh face wash. Unless you are spending a lot of time outside in the sun, it is not likely that your pores are going to need to be unclogged on a daily basis. Most cleaners can remove makeup without much effort, you just have to be patient. After you rinse your face with a cleanser or face wash, take this opportunity to either let your skin breathe for some time or you can gently apply vitamin E to your face or a vegan moisturizing lotion to your face.
  3. Get A Shade That Matches Your Skin: Take a friend you trust (not a negative nancy) and go to your local makeup store and find a shade that matches your skin. You can find a shade that matches your skin by trying it on your hands or your face. Make sure you bring baby wipes so you don’t get makeup everywhere. You will notice that when you find a foundation shade that suits your skin type, your overall look improves and your makeup tends to set better.
  4. Don’t Dismiss Value Products On A whim: Some value products are strong competitors with luxury makeup brands. Sometimes the only difference between value products and luxury ones is the marketing and PR. Sometimes the ingredients are the same and the patented formulations aren’t always innovative, in fact, most of the time formulations are patented as a marketing tool. Many value brands share the same parent company as luxury brands and the products probably originate from the same lab anyway.
  5. Quality Brushes Make A Difference: You may be able to find fantastic vegan makeup products within value brand lines but one thing you cannot skimp on is makeup brushes. these brushes are going to be applied to your face repeatedly, so investing in a good brush is a necessity.
  6. Learn Looks Within Your Budget: It’s important that you take your time to perfect the basics when you are starting to learn about makeup. Too many people race ahead and purchase expensive makeup and skincare products that they do not need and do not know how to use. Most vegan makeup products are available on the market within an affordable range, so purchase a few of them and master the basics before expanding on your makeup kit.
Products in this video may not be vegan but proves the point… Not all luxury products are luxury.
  1. Practice Often And Moisturize Often, too: To master those basics, you will need to practice them often. Remember, after every application of makeup to rinse off with a gentle cleanser with warm water and reapply moisturizer. This is because many vegan products even vegan ones can dry out your skin.

Products You Need For your Vegan Makeup Collection To Get Started

Foundation & Concealer

Choosing a foundation is not as complex as people make it out to be. Sure, many makeup brands have their own shade numbers but once you learn your shade and how to evenly apply your foundation and concealer, everything becomes easier.

When choosing a foundation you are going to need to consider whether your not you will use a liquid or powder foundation. If you want more depth to your makeup you will want to use a liquid foundation. Some blemishes can be covered with a tinted moisturizer, so that is another consideration you may want to add to your list.

Once you know what kind of foundation you are going to be using for your routines as a beginner, you can now consider what concealer you are going to be using. Concealer gives greater coverage for redness and blemishes and is used to moderate the color of your cheeks and skin under your eyes.


Bronzer is a good tool to have in your vegan makeup arsenal as a beginner. You can use bronzer to even your skin tone, add highlights, or emphasize the natural shadows on your face. When using a bronzer correctly, it can create depth and sharpness to your face, this can give the effect of high feminine cheekbones which is the look of the season.

When Bronzer is applied correctly, it will apply a light tan to your face that should look natural, if you do not look natural or have a ‘sick’ look, then you have applied too much. No one should look jaundiced from applying Bronzer. Too much clogs the pores on your face. Remember, bronzer should only be used to lighten certain areas of your face to give a glowing effect.


We all know that foundation takes out the natural blush in our cheeks and using a decent blush can bring subtle color back into your cheeks and adds lift to your features, completing the rest of your look. When you first start using makeup, it is important not to overwhelm yourself. So why not start with a vegan powder blush within your budget. Blush is applied slowly and lightly, give it time to prime on your face before adding layer after layer.

Blush comes in so many shades, some even have glitter. But when you are starting to use makeup, you should first get used to applying a natural flush to your skin. So when you become more experienced, you can start to use non-natural colors and glitter to emphasize your current looks. Giving your blush and features a stronger, sharper look.

Eye Shadow

When you first start using eye shadow, you want to keep it basic, this is because a little bit of eye shadow is a lot. Eye Shadow is easy to over-apply. As a beginner, you are going to have a lot of fun trying to figure out the smokey eye look. This is done by mixing the base shade with a contour shade and mixing on your face with a clean sponge.

Eyeliners and Brow Pencils

Many people have disappointing eyebrows, this is because we are so used to seeing emphasized or enhanced eyebrows. My eyebrows are non-existent, lol. Most people fill out their brows because it gives better shape to your face.

Always get a shade that complements your natural hair color. The color of your brow pencil and eyeliner should be within 4 shades of your natural hair color. Eyeliner works well when its matchy-matchy with your brow pencil, so get a shade that is your natural color that matches.

When applying your brow pencil on your lower eyelid, be gentle,slow and simple.

Lip Colour

When first starting out using vegan makeup, lip colour can be a challenge to understand. This is because there are so many different levels of pigment. Pigment concentration determines the richness of colour that appears on your lips. This is why you should always use less makeup than what you think you will need because makeup takes a minute to prime on your face.

once you have applied your desired amount of lip, you can then use liner to draw over the lipstick to seal it. This is a tip used by most people who use makeup because lip liners have that kind of effect on lipstick.

Brushes & Sponges

Remember when I said that you should invest in quality brushes and sponges to apply you makeup? Yeah, will that is because applying makeup requires the right tools for the job. You can find make up brushes and sponges for every kind of vegan makeup that you can think of.

To start off with learning how to apply vegan makeup you won’t need so many, you will only need to invest in a handful of brushes. Larger brushes are used for blush, bronzer, and foundation, and smaller brushes are used for eyeliners, your brows, and the application of concealer. You can even get finer brushes for more detail with eyeliner.

Introduction to Vegan Makeup Brushes


When first starting to learn how to use mascara, you should use a vegan product that is not waterproof since those are good to use when learning since you can just wash it off if you make a mistake. If you are motivated to learn how to apply mascara like a pro then start using a smaller brush.

How to Apply Vegan Makeup For the First Time – Step By Step Guide And Instructions [Tutorial]

How to Apply Vegan Makeup

How To Apply Foundation Like A Pro

The first step is to always wash your hands. The second step is to wash your face with a cleanser. The second step is to apply a light moisturizer on your face and let it set in. Once the moisturizer has settled, apply a dab of foundation in the middle of your forehead, the tip of your nose, the middle of your cheek. Now you should slowly and gently blend the foundation into your skin as even as you can. Do this in a circular motion, slowly working from the outside in of your face. Remember to check if your makeup products are vegan!

How to apply concealer

Once you have learned to apply your foundation evenly like a pro, you can start to apply concealer to your face. Using one of the smaller makeup brushes in your kit, apply on the forehead, and work your way down.

How to fill in your brows with pencil

When using a pencil to fill in your brows, you should always work from the outside of your eyebrow in. The eyebrow pencil responds best to light upward strokes. By starting on the outside in, you can learn to evenly apply color to your brows. Once you have finished this step, there will be some areas that are lacking because they have less hair than other areas of your brow. This is why you start on the outside in, so you can fill in the areas with no hair afterward.

How to apply eye shadow

To apply eye shadow, it is always best to start with a shade closer to your natural skin tone and then use something darker in case you make a mistake. Start from the beginning of your lash line to the end of the inner crease of your eye.

How to apply mascara

Only ever apply mascara to lashes. You should always apply to you lower lash first. Remember slow and gentle is always the rule. Your upper lash should be treated with more care. Never use more than two layers of mascara otherwise you will get little beads on your lashes.

How to add blush to your cheeks easily

To apply blush to your cheeks evenly. You should first smile to find the points where the blush should be applied. Apply to the muscles which round when you smile. These should be in the upper middle of your cheek. Use a smaller brush to apply blush to your cheeks. Apply it with a straight wrist, moving in upward strokes on your cheeks.

How to add highlighter to your face easily

Using the same brush after it has been cleaned (tapped on something 4-5 times gently), you can apply highlighter just upwards over your blush. Again, with a straight wrist, gently apply with upwards strokes.

How to apply lipstick and lip pencil to your lips

To apply color to your lips, give a light smile, and straighten your lips. Your lips should be just parted from each other. When applying color, it should be down at a 45-degree angle. Start in the middle of the upper lip and work to the opposite corners. Use the same technique for your lower lip. Your first application is the worst. It takes a lot of practice to get lipstick right.