How does Vegan Makeup Get Tested?

Currently, vegan makeup is not tested any differently from non-vegan makeup. Both kinds of products are produced in similar, if not the same labs as each other. There is not a separate production process that differentiates vegan products from non-vegan products.

Whilst the production processes may be the same, the ingredients are not and that is important. What is more important is that vegan brands adhere to the spirit of being vegan and stop sourcing ingredients from labs that are tested on animals.

If you are a Makeup Enthusiast, you probably have wondered how in the darn does Vegan Makeup get tested? Well, this post today is going to answer your question.

Makeup testing is a rigorous process but probably not as rigorous as you may think. Have you ever thought about how many people makeup is tested on? Have you ever questioned the sample size of vegan makeup manufacturers’ products?

There are a number of phases, quality controls, and other proprietary methodologies that are considered when vegan makeup is manufactured. The first step in the production process is the acquisition of materials and ingredients.

These materials and ingredients are almost always sourced by a third party company and therefore there is no guarantee that these materials are not tested on animals or cruelty-free.

Most vegan makeup manufacturers say that their products are cruelty-free and ethically sourced but now you know that it is simply not always true.

Vegan and Non-Vegan Makeup Is Not Tested As Well As It Should Be

You could be the greenest person in the neighborhood but if you did not know that your vegan makeup products, in all of their sustainable packaging glory may not be as sustainable, ethical, or organic as they claim. Whilst these words carry weight with vegan makeup enthusiasts, it is time that you learned the truth.

The truth is, only the manufacturer can tell you if the vegan makeup product has been tested on animals. They may label their products “ethical” or “no animal testing” but within the fine print make every effort to explain that the ingredients are tested on the product but the final product has not been tested on any animal.

The truth is that there is no truly independent, third-party agency or organization that evaluates these products or the claims made on the labeling on these products and these products are not evaluated by the FDA. Since, all of these organizations receive compensation directly or indirectly from these large vegan makeup manufacturers.

Most, if not all vegan makeup manufacturers who claim cruelty-free, non-animal testing or ethical sourced products could “laundry” these claims by having these products sourced by third party suppliers. This means that these suppliers whose ingredients end up in these vegan makeup products which you buy, could have been tested on animals without knowledge of the manufacturer.

The vegan makeup industry has no checks and balances or quality vetting for the material used in them. Unfortunately, your choice for vegan makeup products is limited to the very few industry leaders or specialty labels which can come at an expensive price.

Vegan Makeup Is Still The More Ethical Choice

We both know that whilst corporations may not always tell the truth because they are driven by profit, not people or the planet, that our vote counts.

Everyday as customers, we vote with out wallets to tell these corporations what we want, which is cruelty-free vegan makeup. The changes we want may not happen overnight but at least our ingredients are guaranteed to be vegan.

In the short term we know that are products are not produced from derived animal ingredients and we know that in the long term it is not sustainable for these large vegan makeup manufacturers to keep on lying to their customers.