Best Vegan Makeup Brands 2020

If you have not heard about vegan makeup, then this article is for you. The trend has shifted from being a non-vegetarian to a pure vegan human. Using vegan makeup is like being an outcast from your own family. Not many vegan makeup brands were popular in the past. Due to increasing awareness in recent years, vegan makeup has taken the world to storm.

Why vegan makeup products?

We live in a world where the diet is not given importance. Makeup has become a reliable option to look presentable. If you are looking to become a complete vegan, then makeup might become a huge problem for you. It is not easy to find the best vegan makeup brand. There are many different makeup brands whose products are vegan. 

Finding a vegan makeup brand

The complete vegan makeup brand is even more difficult to search. Isn’t this all confusing at first? Well, if yes then here we are to help you out. There are many misunderstandings and misconceptions in the minds of the masses. You should know how to differentiate between cruelty-free products and vegan products.

For a vegan makeup brand, no animal ingredients are used by the company at any cost. On the other side, cruelty-free makeup means animals are not used for testing a product.

Many makeup brands advertise the products as vegan, but in reality, do not follow them. Here, animal cruelty is wrongly taken as a vegan who has become quite common. In this case, finding a vegan makeup brand becomes tough with false information. 

Therefore, in this article, we will take a detailed look at the best vegan makeup brands. 

Milk makeup

● You can consider milk makeup as a shining vegan brand with all makeup accessories. To be more precise, milk makeup is all about fresh products, poppy shades and funny names of products. The names of the products are a major highlight of milk makeup. This vegan makeup brand is founded by New York milk studio, which has gained immense popularity in a short period of time. 

● The brand is run by many old pro gamers in the market with an attractive way of marketing. Milk makeup was initially named as a cruelty-free brand due to its own statements. This brand didn’t take much time to become the biggest vegan makeup brands. In the year 2019, milk declared itself as a clear vegan makeup brand. 

● There are some major vegan products from which you can start. We recommend you to start with milk makeup if you are turning vegan. There are many vegan makeup products by milk makeup which are quite popular. 

Best vegan products

● Lip+cheek sticks are also a great vegan product from milk makeup. 

● You can give it a try with vegan milk moisturizer by milk makeup. 

KVD vegan beauty

● KVD beauty has always been under the news due to its controversies. Kat von d, the previous makeup artist who left the brand created a buzz. Later, the name was changed to KVD, which has become a big name in vegan beauty brands. The cliché of vegan substandard makeup products does not apply to this makeup brand. 

● The change in this brand is quite evident, but the goals are the same. The brand focuses on providing the best vegan products at low cost. The founder being a tattoo artist is being provided homage by edgy shades and colours. In addition to that, weirdly attractive packaging of the products has made KVD beauty quite popular. 

● Innovation has been the edge sword of KVD since 2010. Right from the year 2010, this makeup brand is cent per cent vegan. KVD shocked the world by its high complexion products though being a vegan makeup line.

Best vegan products

There are many vegan makeup products which can enhance your beauty. 

● The popular tattoo liner is the signature makeup product. This liner stuck to the skin for a long time and did not spread with 100% vegan tag. 

● The long-lasting lipsticks by KVD vegan beauty are well known in the market. 


● Pacifica is one of the most affordable options for you. Vegan makeup brands have been creating a lot of buzzes lately. You can count the contribution of Pacifica in it. There are a variety of products which are offered by Pacifica, which makes it an overall makeup line. Right from skincare to body care, nails and hair products, Pacifica offers all of them. 

● Pacifica is 100% vegan which makes it popular among the vegan population. In addition to that, Pacifica follows its own recyclable program. This program allows Pacifica to recycle the products and use them for further production. This makeup line is totally vegan and also cruelty-free. The products are not tested on animals which makes it even more eye-catching. 

● A major attraction towards Pacifica is the nature theme which has followed for years now. All the product lineup, cosmetics and shades are named after natural titles. The dreamy feel of products and shades attracts vegan makeup fans to Pacifica. 

Best vegan products

We highly recommend you to these Pacifica’s vegan makeup products. 

● The multi highlight shimmer is one of the best on the market right now. This product is completely vegan and does not lack in quality. 

● In addition to that, the body lotion of lavender by Pacifica has become very popular. This body lotion does not affect the skin quality at any cost, and it is 100% vegan. 

Additional vegan makeup brands

You can try some other brands other than the ones stated above. We recommend you to start with hourglass cosmetics. This brand is vegan and enjoys huge market domination. It is a well-reputed brand which is not 100% vegan; it aims to become one by the end of this year. Lime Crime is also a big name in the vegan makeup lineup with sexy makeup products. Liquid eyeshadow of lime crime is the most popular product to date. 

We hope that this article will provide you with the required information.