How To Choose A Vegan Haircare Product

Choosing a vegan hair care product can be difficult because there are too many shampoos, conditioners, hair dye, and other hair treatment products available. In this How-To article, I am going to show you how I choose my personal Vegan Shampoo, Vegan Conditioner, and Vegan Hair Mask Products. You can treat dry hair with vegan shampoo or conditioner.

How To Choose A Vegan Haircare Product

When choosing any vegan hair care product it is important to know your hair type and what you are looking to achieve. Some vegan haircare products offer volume and others will offer shine or no shine. it really depends on your hair type and what you are trying to achieve.

Free Hair Mask idea: If you are looking for a hair mask you cannot go wrong with organic olive oil and an Organic Banana, make 5 parts banana and 1 part olive oil and mix until smooth. Then leave in hair overnight, covering hair with a bag or a cloth.

How To Choose A Vegan Shampoo

Choosing a vegan shampoo can be tricky because there are so many options to choose from. It can get difficult to find a vegan and ethically sourced, organic, cruelty-free shampoo online that is good for your hair. This is why most vegans make their own shampoo.

However, if you manage to find one for your hair type, make sure you try the entire range because the natural ingredients will interact differently with your bodies own chemistry.

Some people find when using a vegan shampoo for the first time that even though they have an oil scalp and moisturizing vegan shampoo may feel better than a dryer vegan shampoo. It depends on the persons individual chemistry.

How To Choose a Vegan Conditioner For Your Hair

In my opinion finding a vegan conditioner for your hair is more important than finding any other vegan hair product. This is because your vegan hair conditioner is normally the last thing your put on your hair in the shower and is the last thing to be washed off.

When choosing your vegan hair conditioner, if you have used a moisturizing shampoo, then you may want to use a moderate vegan hair conditioner. This is the same of the opposite, if you were to be using a dyer vegan shampoo than your should use a moisturizing vegan hair conditioner.

This is because you do not have the vegan hair conditioner to throw your hair chemistry off balance and make your scalp dyer or more oily than what it has to be.

You may also luck-out and find yourself a vegan hair conditioner for balanced hair types. If this suits your hair type and works well with your hair chemistry, then make sure to get the word out because it can be hard to find a decent vegan hair conditioner.

How To Make A Vegan Hair Mask

I am not a believer in purchasing vegan hair masks unless it is a charcoal hair mask. But I am a BIG believer in making your very OWN vegan hair mask because it provides YOU and opportunity for the ingredients to be LOCALLY SOURCED, which is awesome!

So here are a few recipes to make your very own Vegan Hair Mask

  1. Avocado and Plum Vegan Hair Mask – 1/2 Fresh, Organic Avocado and 2 Fresh, Organic Plums, mashed together until puréed, add a few teaspoons of salt and stir well.
  2. Cucumber and Coconut Oil Vegan Hair Mask – Shred one whole Fresh, Organic Cucumber into rice size pieces and drain (keep the water and drink it). Add 100 mls of Organic Coconut Oil, stir until evenly mixed and apply.