Best 5 Vegan Haircare Products for Dry Hair Types

In this article, we are going to be considering the very cream of the crop, the top 5 vegan hair care products that you should be using on your dry hair. When considering if a vegan hair care product is for you, you should always purchase the smallest size, in case the product doesn’t suit your hair type or gives you any discomfort.

There are sooo many hair care products out there to choose from, which was my motivation for writing an article to help my valued readers like you to choose which vegan hair care product is right for them. Which is why I found the best 5 vegan haircare products for dry hair.

There are several things which need to be considered when choosing vegan hair care products and that is: They can be very expensive and not everyone can afford to live the complete vegan lifestyle and with that said, I tried my hardest to find vegan hair care products that are affordable, cruelty-free, organic and ethical. These are the best 5 vegan haircare products for dry hair.

So you know this article is with the read, it’s going to be the complete home run for vegan hair care products. For this top 5 vegan hair care list I included vegan shampoo, vegan conditioner, vegan hair sunscreen, vegan hair masks and even vegan hair coloring products.

I searched online for hours, reading through online magazines, blogs, watching countless youtube videos, literally searching for “vegan hair care”, “best vegan haircare product”, “what is the best vegan shampoo” and embarrassingly enough “vegan haircare secrets”, lol.

The Best 5 Vegan Haircare Products of 2020

Sun BumVegan Shampoo4.4 Stars (800+ reviews)$10 + ShippingCruelty-Free, Vegan, Affordable, Moisturizing shampoo for dry hair
Macadamia ProfessionalNourishing Vegan Conditioner4.6 Stars (177+ Reviews)$39.99 + ShippingVegan & Naturally Derived
Macadamia Oil, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Collagen & Vitamins A, C & E
Sun BumVegan Sunscreen Hair Spray SPF 704.7 Stars (1000+ Reviews)$15.99 + ShippingDermatologist and Sonny approved, this non-comedogenic sunscreen delivers UVA/UVB protection and is packed with Vitamin E.
Macadamia ProfessionalNourishing Repair Masque4.6 Stars (357+ Reviews)$36.00+ ShippingMacadamia Oil, Argan Oil, Mongongo Oil, Shea Butter
HerbatintPermanent Herbal Hair Color Gel4.4 Stars (1850+ Reviews)$13.99 + ShippingIdeal for sensitive scalps
Best 5 Vegan Hair care Products of 2020

The Best 5 Value Vegan Haircare Products 2020

Aspen Kay NaturalsSolid Shampoo Bar4.4 Stars (700+ Reviews)$13.99+ ShippingOur Bar Shampoo includes Organic Nettle, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Horsetail, Organic Chamomile, Organic Calendula and Organic Turmeric.
PharmacopiaCitrus Conditioner4.5 Stars(131+ Reviews)$23.95+ ShippingOur citrus hair conditioner is full of natural and organic ingredients, and free from parabens, propylene glycol, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and dyes.
Hair FoodHeat Protectant Spray4.4 Stars (2600+ Reviews)$9.97 + ShippingWhether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, fine or thick, Hair Food Protectant Spray protects it all. Shake well and then spray liberally, section by section, before applying heat
Pure Body NaturalsCoconut Oil Hair Mask4.1 Stars (589+ Reviews)$12.95 + ShippingPure Body Naturals fosters sustainable relationships with artisan partners around the world to bring you tested, safe products
NaturtintPermanent Hair Color4.7 Stars (3896+ Reviews)$68.12+ Shipping6 Pack of Permanent Colour Hair Dye
Best Value 5 Vegan Hair care Products of 2020

The Best Vegan Hair Care Products

When dealing with dry and damaged hair there is only so much you can do without adding further irritation. We all have been guilty of silly attempts to use short-term solutions for long-term problems. Our list of the best 5 vegan haircare products for dry hair will certainly do wonders for your hair in the long-term and the short-term so you can rest easy without scratching your scalp to death.

The Best Vegan Shampoo

Sun Bum Shampoo is a very affordable and effective hair care product that is non-harsh, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and vegan. This product is marketed as a daily moisturizing vegan shampoo and after careful review of the ingredients and a quick google, this may actually be true.

Although, you may also notice that this shampoo is rather sulfate-heavy, most if not all of the main ingredients are derived from coconut or cocoa plants. This shampoo is not harsh and its ingredients are natural or derived from natural ingredients. It may not classify as an organic product but it is as close as organic as you can get for this quality vegan shampoo at this price point.

Consider what people are saying about the product. Most people are satisfied with Sun Bum Vegan Shampoo, but notice their specific compliments about the product?

This product is clearly suitable for most dry hair types, seeing as how 800 reviews, most of them are overwhelming positive, and it’s only $10.

The Best Value Vegan Shampoo

This product whilst being $14 bucks + shipping is going to last a long while, it’s made from natural ingredients and according to it’s reviews, it smells great! This product is made in Florida USA and has a very transparent ingredients list: Organic Nettle, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Horsetail, Organic Chamomile, Organic Calendula, and Organic Turmeric.

Washing your hair with these ingredients boosts blood flow to the scalp and is a very refreshing experience. This bar of shampoo is organic, vegan, and cruelty-free it’s a bar of shampoo so it’s going to last a long time and is, therefore, the best bang for your buck when it comes to choosing a vegan shampoo product for dry hair.

Almost 700 ratings on this vegan shampoo bar. If you are looking for a hair care product that does wonders for your dry hair on a budget, this may be the product for you. Verified purchases are saying that this shampoo bar creates a thick lather which is easy to apply to hair and washes out with no hassle.

This quality vegan hair care product is made in Florida USA and costs only $14 plus shipping.

The vegan shampoo bar comes in two scents, the most popular is citrus which comes with a strong lemon scent and the second is rosemary which has a very herby, flowerie smell.

The Best Vegan Conditioner

This vegan conditioner which doesn’t come cheap is a necessity for your vegan hair care line up. Now, it is not a luxury vegan product but it is still a high-quality conditioner for dry hair nonetheless.

This product boasts heavy-hitting ingredients that are well tolerated by most hair and skin types, these ingredients are vegan and naturally derived including the following: Macadamia Oil, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Collagen & Vitamins A, C & E.

This vegan hair care product is well-rated among nearly all of its users with most saying that this vegan conditioner is helpful and suitable for their hair type. Macadamia Professional Vegan Hair Conditioner is suitable for dry hair types and is a quality product that could be compared to luxury or designer hair care products.

The Best Value Vegan Conditioner

This citrus conditioner is not harsh on your scalp and lathers up like you’d expect. In terms of price, you are going to expect a decent product. This vegan hair conditioner is a very enriching product derived from citrus, so it can add a nice fresh, lemony scent to your hair.

This citrussy, vegan hair conditioner will last anyone about two months with three washes per week and it’s only $24. Bargain for a natural product that leaves your hair smelling fresh and lemony without the harsh scalp reactions. Suitable for sensitive skin.

This premium vegan hair car product has strong favorable reviews which reflect the quality of it’s ingredients and production process. It’s only $23.95 plus shipping, so what have you got to lose? Give it a try, it’s a good product that is suitable for most skintypes.

The Best Vegan Hair Sunscreen

Sun Bum vegan Hair sunscreen is formulated to protect your hair, skin and your vegan lifestyle without damaging the environment.

With 4.7 Stars based on more than 1000 reviews, you know that this sunscreen is going to be reliable and that purchasing one is not going to be enough. It’s an affordable vegan sunscreen and a hair care product – enjoy for only $15.99 plus shipping.

The Best Value Vegan Hair Sunscreen

This value sunscreen will do wonders for your dry hair, with the organic and vegan coconut and argan oil ingredients, can you go wrong?

This vegan hair care product is only, $9.97 + Shipping and represents one of the best value vegan hair care products on the market.

2500 reviews, this is one of the highest rated vegan products on the internet. When it comes to top of the line, luxury vegan hair care on a budget, then this is it!

The Best Vegan Hair mask

This is the best vegan hair mask available on the internet, why you ask? For two reasons: the ingredients and did I mention that it’s vegan?

This hair mask is made with macadamia and argan oils to give your hair the love and restorative treatment it needs to fight the vegan fight. And with more than 350 reviews and an aggregate rating of 4.6 stars.

The Best Value Vegan Hair Mask

Pure Body Naturals Coconut Oil Deep Repair is the runner up as best value vegan mask. It has an average rating of 4 stars based of 580 reviews and is a completely vegan product.

This vegan hair care product comes with extra vitamin E, Shea butter and is sulfate free.

The best of all it costs only $12.95 plus shipping.

The Best Vegan Hair Dye

This product makes it so easy to color our hair, we need a reason not to. This product has been formulated with non-GMO, Gluten free and eco-friendly ingredients and is free from ammonia, alcohol and parabens.

It’s approaching 2000 reviews and has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, it’s truly a wonderful product and is only $13.99 plus shipping. It comes in multiple colors.

The Best Value Hair Dye

This hair dye comes in a six-pack and offers tremendous value for less than $70+ shipping. This hair care product is made from natural ingredients and is completely vegan. When reading through the reviews I was surprised that a vegan hair care product could hold such vibrant color in hair.

This vegan permanent hair dye product is specifically is tolerated by dry hair types. it is important to mention that any product, vegan or not is not good for your hair, it will dry your hair out, which is why you should have a decent vegan hair mask handy, to restore healthy oils into your hair.