October Update: Recent VeganBrands Posts And Housekeeping


It’s been a very busy few weeks hasn’t it? Covid has slowed down, the election debates are on and I am starting to ease back into my day Job. It’s going to be a tough change because I am so used to having everyone within arms reach at home but oh well.

I was conscientious about starting this website as a project to get on top of Covid during my forced homestay. I did not get sick but isolation was not really a choice, lol. And, maybe I did not get sick for that reason.

This website, VeganBrandz is my project and my baby and I hope that you will join me on this journey so that I can get this project started on a solid foundation and give the vegan community the content they deserve.

The VeganBrandz Roadmap from October to January 2021

I have set out a few practical goals for myself to achieve over the next coming months here. I am setting these goals because I want this website to grow as a community, where people can give me feedback on what they would like to see.

More Content on the VeganBrandz website

Yes, I know. This is the most obvious goal. I want to write at least one post per day, so that my reader feel like they can rely on my website for content. I want more content on my website so that I can attract more visitors.

More content on this website will help answer the questions that people have about vegan beauty, skincare and cosmetics. Most people are in the dark and think that the only products exist are those that come from the supermarket. That’s what some of my friends think.

Also, more men are starting to use skincare products, known as male vegan skincare, so i would like to focus on content that would help draw more male visitors onto my site.

I Want To Learn More About The Vegan Beauty Industry

I do not know anyone who is an expert on vegan cosmetics. I know that every blogger out there claims to be an expert but my theory is that if the chemists themselves are still figuring the production process out, I doubt an outsider like a blogger would know. I mean, do these bloggers have mind reading, psychic powers and are capable of getting answers that others cannot get?

And Yes, I am writing this with a straight face. I am by no means an expert. Do I know a few things? Sure. Is my knowledge from anecdotal experience? Yes, of course it is. But knowledge and experience are synonyms of each other and it makes sense that you cannot have one without the other.

I want to learn about the step by step process of producing vegan cosmetics and hair care, down to the very chemistry of it. I want to learn about the certification regimes and how vegan products are marketed to the public.

Answer More Questions And Discover More Brands

I want to know what people are searching for in terms of veganism, vegan beauty, and the vegan lifestyle but it can get rather difficult because good research takes time. Hopefully, I can answer more questions that are pressing people soon, kind of running out of ideas to write about lol.

Discovering more vegan brands is also a strong goal of mine. There are new vegan brands starting everyday, and there is only so much time I can spend searching online for new vegan brands lol.

More About Me

If you had read my author page then you may have a small idea on who I am and what I am about. Whilst I am new to blogging, I am definitely not new to veganism. But first and foremost:

My name is John Ali, I am a devout and practicing Muslim and, I am a vegan. I have been practicing veganism for four years and have been a Vegetarian for more than 6 years prior to that. My vegetarian diet during that time included cruelty-free products. As difficult as it may be to believe, chickens that are raised on large pastures produce cruelty-free eggs.

So, I have been studying at university since 2014 but it took me until 2017 to settle into my studies since I had never finished high school. Nonetheless, I have one unit left of a law degree to finish in 2021.

I was born to an Anglo-Saxon Family in Australia. I went to Catholic, Pre-school, Primary School and One Year of High school. My mother was born in New Zealand to a JV Family and my Father to an Anglican Family in Australia.

In August of 2019, I woke up in the middle of the night during a strange dream. That same night I started reading the Qu’ran out of curiosity and found myself compelled to go to the local mosque and took my shahada.

Not once has my Islamic faith contradicted my vegan lifestyle. You just have to make it work.

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